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Casual dating in Boulder, WA can be difficult. It’s a small town in Western Australia with a population just shy of 5,000, you’re not exactly spoilt for choice when it comes to casual sex dating let alone hookups and finding a fuck buddy. Fortunately, is the most popular place to look for casual sex in Boulder – you’ll be surprised just how kinky people can get once you find the right places!

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What to expect from Boulder hookups

Boulder used to be its own town, but in 1989, it was merged with Kalgoorlie to form the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder. As a result, the town that was formerly known as Boulder is now a suburb. This means that when you look for hookups in Boulder, you also have access to the entire town of what was known as Kalgoorlie too.

You’ll find plenty of people in the local area that are looking to hook up for some casual sex. Because the area is relatively traditional and not as modern as other Australian cities, so you’ll find that the scene is a bit different. There are plenty of cougars here and while the town isn’t known as a tourist destination, there are plenty of younger and attractive partners just waiting for you to message them.

Where to find a fuck buddy in Boulder

Boulder has its fair share of bars, and if you’re willing to venture out a bit into Kalgoorlie-Boulder, you’ll also come across Questa Casa, a legendary brothel that is still active in the area. Because the population is so thinly spread, you’ll definitely need a account to find the people looking for the same thing you are. It will be much easier to find someone up for casual sex and you can even hook up with people in surrounding areas if the night is looking quiet in Boulder.

Secret spots to bang in Boulder

Boulder doesn’t exactly have a huge population so there are plenty of empty bars and hotels that you can sneak off to with someone to have some casual fun. Check out Goldfields Hwy, a long stretch of highway that passes straight through Boulder. There are plenty of bars, hostels, and other secret locations to get your fix at. For adventurous folks, there’s the Loopline Park, a small outdoor area that is shaded by trees for some sexual seclusion.

Top tips to help you find casual sex in Boulder is the best place to look for casual sex in boulder. Without question. But you might also want to try your luck at some of the bars, hostels, and clubs along Goldfields Hwy since it runs through the city and many drivers pass by to reach other destinations.

When using, then make sure you set up a good profile picture, add a description, and be honest about what you’re looking for (there’ll be someone looking for the exact same thing, we guarantee it). Definitley don’t be afraid to look at Kalgoorlie too–it’s not that far from Boulder and is perfect for hookups.

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