Bangdownunder is the #1 fuck buddy site in Australia, Find Horny Mates You Can Fuck Locally in Australia

Local sex

Sex dating - Noun

A form of dating relationship between two adults solely interested in sex rather than developing an emotional connection.

‘Interested in sex’ and searching for a partner? Welcome to Bang Down Under.

Finding local sex dating is all about being open to opportunity and locating the right person. But how do you unearth the chances for fun that could be hidden right under your nose? That’s where we come in.


The best local sex dating in Australia

The internet, and especially Bang Down Under, is going to be your best friend when looking for local women and men for casual, discreet encounters. There are thousands of active users here, many of them looking every day for that one partner that can help them fulfil their desires. With thousands of users all over australia, you’ll increase your chances of finding a special friend for the night with our service, wherever you are in Oz.

Bangdownunder is the #1 fuck buddy site in Australia, Find Horny Mates You Can Fuck Locally in Australia

Who is it for?

A better question would be ‘who isn’t local adult dating for?’ Men and women of all ages, from all lifestyles have urges and needs that they need to fulfil. Many of them are tired of the elaborate social dance leading up to the fun, so expect users on the site to be upfront about what they like and what they want. Whether you’re looking for some simple fun, have a kink you want to try out, or you’re open to new experiences, you’re in for a great time.

Did you know?

Sex dating platforms are very widely used. There are no official numbers on online local sex dating as a whole, but at least 15% of all Australians use apps and websites to find someone for dating, fucking, and everything else in between. That’s a potential partner base of over 3.7 million.

There is disagreement over what’s most important in a profile. Half of online dating users believe that the bio section is what matters most in a profile and the other half tends to put more weight on the pictures. Make sure you don’t skimp on either to increase your chances.

The sheilas outnumber the fellas. Yep, that’s right: men are slightly rarer on the dating scene than women right now! That means there’s more demand for you guys and more women to have fun with.

Bangdownunder is the #1 fuck buddy site in Australia, Find Horny Mates You Can Fuck Locally in Australia

A quick history of local sex dating

People have always been getting busy with the neighbours, often trawling local bars and nightclubs to find people up for a wild night. But the advent of the internet has completely changed how we hookup with each other.

Surprisingly, computer algorithms have been helping with dating since the 1960s. Obviously the internet didn’t yet exist, so people would send off information in the post which would be processed by early computers to generate good personality matches.

From 1995, the web made it much easier for users to meet in chatrooms and sites like Bang Down Under began their infancy. Nowadays, over 50% of all people know someone who has found luck through online dating and it’s a big part of the local sex dating scene.

Local sex dating: do’s and don’ts

You might be looking for only one thing, like your partner, but you’re more likely to get it if you follow these do’s and don’ts.


Show your personality. Sex might be what you’re both after, but showing a little eccentricity makes you more memorable and attractive.

Be generous with compliments. You don’t have to get too poetic or flowery, but ambiguity is a turn-off. Let the other know what you find attractive about them.

Dirty talk. When you’re both comfortable and talking about what you like, be detailed. Nothing works better to build the anticipation.


Get stuck ‘shopping’. A common pitfall is to spend all your time browsing partners without actually choosing someone. Act on instinct. If you see someone you like, send a message before continuing to look.

Start too strong. Even if they’re looking for sex, most people don’t like if you come right out the gate telling them what you want to do. Introduce yourself, compliment them, strike a rapport.

Pretend you’re not after sex. You don’t have to demand a fuck right out the gate, but you’re more likely to get what you’re after if you’re honest when asked and recognize when both sides of the chat want different things.

Bangdownunder is the #1 fuck buddy site in Australia, Find Horny Mates You Can Fuck Locally in Australia

How to make a Bang Down Under profile for married dating and affairs

Like with all dating, you’re going to have better lucking finding that fun on the side by crafting a profile built specifically for it. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Be honest about your location. People looking for local sex dating are clearly looking for someone conveniently near them.

Create a well-rounded profile. Remember what we said about the most important parts of the profile? Don’t be shy in sharing your bio and a few flirty pictures to catch some attention.

Shine a light on what makes you different. Both in terms of your sexual interests and your personality. People are more inclined to try out something new, whether it’s a kind of partner they have never had before or a kink they’ve always wanted to try.

Get started right away

What are you waiting for? There are men and women near you that are looking for local sex dating. The sooner you set up a profile and start looking, the sooner you’re more likely to make your match on Bang Down Under!