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Do you live in Victoria or plan to travel through soon? Want a one-night sex buddy but don’t have any connections? Don’t worry! All you need is Bang Down Under and a little charm.

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Who are we exactly?

We are an adult dating website that is focused on connecting you with local sex addicts to hook up with. We all know that no obligation sex comes with many benefits, but we also know that getting it can be a pain when you use regular dating sites. We are the perfect solution for some naughty fun with no strings attached because all of our members want the same thing.

What makes us a good site for casual sex in Victoria?

One of the big advantages we have is the ability to connect with local sex enthusiasts in just a matter of minutes. Once your profile is set up, you can start chatting with people in the Victoria region (or anywhere in Australia if you want) and meet up within minutes for some action. And to make the deal even sweeter, we’re completely free to use!

We cover the following areas in VIC:

What’s the culture for Victoria hookups like?

Victoria is the most densely populated state in the whole of Australia which means there are plenty of potential candidates for you to meet up with. Flirting is just a few clicks away and you’re sure to find plenty of suitable adult partners within just minutes of browsing.

Is Victoria sex dating free?

You don’t need to pay for anything. Our basic service is free and allows you to get started with all of our services. If you want to take it a step further, you can subscribe to our premium service for additional features such as uploading several pictures.

What can I expect?

Hookups are all looking for the same thing: adult action. Don’t expect romance, relationships or drama. It’s all about local flirty fun, not finding yourself a partner to marry! As long as you respect your partner, you’ll be treated with respect as well and you’ll have a great time with your sex enthusiast.

How can I stand out?

If you want to get the most attention in Victoria, then you need to make yourself a killer profile. Start by listing things like your kinks or what you’re looking for and make sure you add an up-to-date picture for people to see. Be truthful in your description and don’t over exaggerate your features!

How does our site work?

First, sign up for an account. Add your personal information and upload a photograph. Once your account information is complete, you can start meeting and hooking up with others.

Are these real Victoria dating site profiles?

Yes! We take pride in weeding out any bots, spammers and other malicious accounts. You can browse with peace of mind knowing that everyone you see in the Victoria area is genuine.

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