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Old taboos are constantly breaking, and more people are looking for a fuck buddy than ever before. As the name suggests, these hook-ups are all about finding people to fuck, with no expectations up-front about where things might go from there. Our sex site, Bang Down Under, is just one part of the growing online community making it much easier to find sex in Sunshine Coast, QLD.

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What to expect from hook-ups in Sunshine Coast, QLD

Certainly one of the more “open” areas of the state, there’s no shortage of people looking for casual fun in the Sunshine Coast. The beaches are one of the biggest attractions and the nudist beaches, in particular, are thought to be one of the prime locations for “sex tourism.” Oh, and that does not mean you should go and harass nude people, please don’t!

Exhibitionism is in vogue here, but that’s not your only option. Far from it, Sunshine Coast also has a surplus of tantric sex coaching and sex therapy courses, which all tend to contribute to a much more open-minded sexual culture. Not for the shy, the hook-up culture of Sunshine Coast is adventurous, daring, and exploratory.

Where to find a fuck buddy in Sunshine Coast, QLD

The beach is always a fine spot to go looking for fun, especially at the nudist beaches during peak season, from Christmas right through to April. There are often open classes and workshops provided by local tantric groups. Though you might not be banging as soon as you meet, it can be a great place to flirt, get comfortable, and hope things lead on from there. Open as it is, there is no shortage of people looking online through our site, too. People in Sunshine Coast tend to know what they want and have few qualms about being open and honest about it.

Secret spots to bang in Sunshine Coast, QLD

As mentioned, the beaches can be a fantastic spot to find somewhere secluded to go and enjoy a bit of risqué fun before moving it somewhere private when things get hot and heavy. If you really want to feel the bed rocking, you might even consider renting a boat and sailing down Bells Creek. Just make sure you have one eye on the water so you don’t end up banging the boat into a bank.

Top tips to help you find casual sex in Sunshine Coast, QLD

Meeting people is one thing, but actually sealing the deal and finding someone to have fun with is an entirely different process. If you get along well, it’s all about being open and honest. If you plan on having more than one fuck buddy, then be upfront about it and vice versa. keeps things simple. Besides uploading pics and a profile to help you stand out, you can be clear and concise in your wants, experiences, and curiosities.

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Queensland has no shortage of people looking for a casual sex dating. might be your best bet for getting in touch with them. It costs literally nothing to get signed up. Set up an account within a minute and start browsing the locals. If you like what you see, make your own profile and get messaging.

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