Hookup dating

A casual sexual encounter.

Everyone’s hooking up nowadays, come and join the fun!

Hookups are becoming more and more common–and not just among young adults. Casual sex is a great way to have fun and explore your desires and fantasies without feeling like you have to nurture a relationship or take care of someone else’s feelings. If all you’re after is some flirty fun and a good time in bed, then Bang Down Under will be your perfect companion.

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The best way to find local hookups in Australia

Bang Down Under has thousands of members all across Australia looking for hookups, so look no further! Whether all you’re after is some vanilla casual sex, or your tastes are more adventurous, you’ll find kinky members ready to meet up in all of Australia’s cities right here. Everyone using Bang Down Under is after a good time, so you’ll find a great hookup quicker here than anywhere else!

How it works

It’s simple. You sign up, create your account (upload a couple of sexy pics and a memorable bio), and get flirting immediately with like-minded people that are close to you and looking for local hookups. You might even find people messaging you immediately, asking for more information and what you’re looking for. Everyone is open here at Bang Down Under, and every day we help create a lot of wild nights!

Did you know?

  • Hookups are depicted everywhere in media and drama shows. The sex represented in popular culture is more and more becoming casual adult dating than forging committed relationships. Maybe that’s why there’s been a huge surge of people looking for fuck buddies and hookups in the past few years?
  • There are more people hooking up than you think. Local hookups are a great way to see just how sexually active your local scene is. You’ll be surprised at how devious some communities and smaller cities really are!
  • Hookups are a great way to let your adventurous side out. Casual sex is a brilliant way to explore sexual fantasies and get naughty with new people. Whether it’s trying a bit of bondage or sneaking a quick fuck in a public place, there’ll be plenty of people looking for the same thing as you on Bang Down Under.

Why should I find local hookups?

  • It’s good for you – Sex is not only great fun, but also scientifically proven to help with both physical and mental health. Forget the gym, start hitting the bedroom more often!
  • It’s quick and easy to find people – Bang Down Under is a great place to find local hookups because people all know what they want. There’s no foreplay, no dating, and no buying each other dinner.
  • No-strings-attached, just sex – Relationships can get a little stressful if all you want is sex. With local hookups, you don’t need to get romantically involved.
  • Call on your hookups whenever you want – If you’re in the mood for some casual sex then all you need to do is give your partners a call. Everybody loves a booty call.

Who are local hookups for?

Local hookups are great for people that want to have casual sex with no-strings-attached. This can be either because you don’t want to be tied down, or are too busy at the moment to support a relationship. People that are busy and don’t have time for relationships shouldn’t be robbed of sex, so why not find yourself a local hookup? Hookups are also great for people who do a lot of travelling around and aren’t sure what the scene is like in their location. That’s why Bang Down Under provides casual sex for the masses.

Local hookups throughout the ages

Hookup culture started to emerge in the 1920s, driven by new technology. Previously, young people had no real way to escape the watchful eyes of their parents and most sex outside of marriages was paid for. With the spread of the automobile and new entertainment forms such as movie theatres, more autonomy entered into people’s lives, and they could start getting naughty. Today there are a variety of names for hookups, from nonrelationship sex or being fuck buddies, and it’s more popular than ever.

What to expect

You can set your own rules in bed with your partner, but there are still a couple of things to expect when using Bang Down Under. It’s different from regular dating, so here are some tips to help you out.


  • Be adventurous. Casual sex is all about having unique encounters and finding new kinks, so don’t be afraid to explore your fantasies with your partners.
  • Be open. The last thing you want is to communicate poorly with your partner and end up having an awkward or weird experience. Be clear about what you want.
  • Follow up. You’re not expected to have a relationship with your local hookups, but leaving them a message after and getting in touch later in the future is a good idea.


  • Get attached. No one likes romance when it comes to local hookups. It’s purely for sex, nothing more.
  • Forget your protection. Casual sex is a lot of fun, but keep it safe. You don’t want to end up with an STI or an unwanted pregnancy.
  • Restrict yourself. Local hookups have plenty of fun with their kinks and partners, so don’t restrict yourself to just one or two–go wild!

Get started online today

Bang Down Under is the best way to find local hookups. Whether you’re travelling around Australia or just want to catch some wild, sexual fun in your city, there’s no easier way. It’s quick to sign up – and completely free – and you could be having fun in bed with a new fuck buddy this evening!

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