Cougar dating

An older woman seeking a sexual relationship with a younger man.

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Cougars know how to show a young stud a good time, which is why cougar dating is on the rise. We’ll provide you with all the information and tips so you’ll have no doubts about what to expect. So, what’s the best way to go about attracting those fine, older, hungry women (or younger insatiable men)?

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The best Cougar dating in Australia

There’s more selection than most young men can handle at Bang Down Under. We have thousands of users across Australia, with cougars in every town and city looking for a good time. You’re guaranteed to find someone that catches your eye and gives you the thrill of the age gap you’ve been looking for.

Who is it for?

Any young guy or older woman can have great sex with cougar dating. Many young men are thrilled to be a hot older woman’s toyboy, and plenty of older women are happy and ready to show a young buck exactly what experience can bring. There are plenty of experienced lovers, too, with profiles that allow users to share kinks and fantasies they are simply aching for you to help them live out. Whether you’re new and want to give it a try, or are already a cougar connoisseur, Bang Down Under will deliver what you’re looking for.

Did you know?

  • The term ‘cougar’ might have come from hockey in the 1880s. There was a truly voracious lady know by the name ‘Cougar Annie’ who married four times, often to younger men. At the same time, the other thing she was famous for was hunting over 100 pumas and other big cats! As if you needed to be told that cougars are far from your shy, demure ladies…
  • Self-reliance is sexy and good for you. Older women tend to rank higher in surveys marking self-esteem, priority management, life planning, and self-reliance. You don’t have to worry about spending time with a woman who doesn’t know what they want and doesn’t know exactly how to get it. Studies have shown that roughly a third of older women prefer dating younger men, and a third of younger men prefer dating older women.
  • You can learn while having lots of fun. Older women are much less likely to be hesitant or unsure about what they want in bed. Conversely, younger men may need more coaching than they believe. For that reason, cougar dating leads to some of the most fulfilling (and useful) sexual experiences that both parties can have. When the youth and stamina of a young man meets the passion and know-how of a cougar, those are some fireworks.

A quick history of cougar dating

Cougars have been around for as long as fucking has. Young men have always been attracted to the allure of older women, and the opposite has always been true, too. Our development as a society has only made it easier. We are in the first real generation of older women who have been able to make their own way in life thanks to equality in the workplace, and higher divorce rates actually means there are more single cougars ready to pounce without the drama of being ‘the other guy.’

Fiction has always held a particular fascination with cougars, too. The Graduate, starring Dustin Hoffman in 1967, gave legions of young men a ‘hot for teacher’ complex that has lasted a lifetime and, as of late, long-running TV series Cougar Town only helped to fan those flames throughout society.

Cougar dating: do’s and don’ts

Everyone has their rules, and while cougar dating can fun, you don’t want to hit any of these pitfalls or miss any of these tips that can help


  • Be open to power sharing. Whether she’s a dom or sub in the bedroom is another matter. Older women like equal relationships and if you have any hang-ups about ‘holding court’ while dating, drop them.
  • Be flattering. Young men don’t have the experience of cougars. Older women don’t have the youth of their partners. Be good to one another, assure your partner that they have absolutely everything you need.
  • Be exciting. Both parties of the date are looking for something that others their age can’t offer them. Be willing to share new experiences with yours and don’t give them what they would expect from their contemporaries


  • Expect it to be easy. If you’re a younger man, you may be attracted to the notion that cougars will take the first step. They may just, but because they are more confident in themselves, they have a good idea of what they like, too. Don’t expect low standards.
  • Insist on a long-term thing. If it happens, it happens. The truth is, however, that most self-professed cougars are out for fun, flirting, and fucking.
  • Act like a child. A tip for the man of the couple. Just because you are younger doesn’t mean she wants you to be immature, reckless, or childish. Don’t play up the age difference too much or it can feel a little fake.

How to make a Bang Down Under profile for cougar dating

If you’re looking to hookup with a cougar, the best way is to make sure that your profile shows exactly that. Here, we’re going to look at how you ensure you’re putting out all the right signals.

  • Don’t be shy with your pictures. There’s a tremendous amount of physical attraction to the age difference involved in cougar dating, so feel free to show yourself off.
  • You don’t necessarily have to say ‘cougar’ in your profile. Just make it clear whether you’re an older woman looking for a younger man or vice versa.
  • Be open. If you have any kinks you particularly enjoy or feel like trying, throw them out there. It helps you stand out and makes you much more likely to find someone willing to help you live out that fantasy.
  • Don’t make it all about sex. Even sex dating involves at least a little talking, so show that you have interests and a life outside of the bedroom to catch a little more interest.

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