Casual sex

Casual sex
Sexual activity between people who are not established sexual partners with no implication of commitment or emotional attachment.

The ‘casual’ refers only to your connection to a partner. Things will get wild.

Casual sex is exactly what it sounds like: getting down and dirty with no strings attached. More and more people across Australia are looking for hookups or fuck buddies to experiment with, and with Bang Down Under you can find casual sex near you, wherever you are.

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The best way to find casual sex encounters in Australia

Right here. Bang Down Under is Australia’s premium adult dating website but don’t let the word ‘dating’ fool you. You and your partner will be writhing on top of the dinner table rather than sitting around it making small talk. Our thousands of users know what they want, so whether you’re looking for a fuck buddy in your local area, want a milf to play around with on the weekend, or even looking for a mistress to dominate you, you’ll find the right casual sex partner here. Everyone’s doing it, so get involved!

How it works

First, sign up for an account with Bang Down Under. You’ll have to fill out your bio (make it memorable) and add a flattering picture, and once you’re done you can start messaging people immediately. You might even find that you’ll get messages from other members as soon as you sign up! Once you’re with us, you’ll find that you can find every kink that you could imagine and then some! Get flirting, meet up, then start fucking.

Did you know?

  • Australians love casual sex. Over 50% of both men and women in Australia admitted to having had one night stands in a 2016 survey.
  • The 1960s made casual sex more acceptable. The 60s generation may contain your parents, so don’t think too long about it, but the sexual liberation that took place in the decade challenged societal beliefs that sex should only happen within marriage.
  • Casual sex is great for learning new tricks. Casual sex encounters are a fantastic way to try out new kinks, so get adventurous!

Why should I have casual sex encounters?

  • Casual sex is fun and safe. When people think casual sex they often think shady back alley hookups with no protection. Don’t worry, as hookups have risen in popularity, casual sex is better and safer than ever before.
  • It’s good for you. Frequent sex is actually great for emotional health, even if it’s not with someone you’re in a romantic relationship with.
  • It’s a great way to try out new things. Whether it’s a fantasy you want to make a reality or a kink you want to explore, casual sex is a great way to experiment with new experiences.
  • It’s cheaper. You don’t have to hang around bars paying for drinks or take people out for dinner just to find out if they want the same thing as you. People looking for casual sex online are very open about it so you can get right to it.
  • There are no strings attached with casual sex encounters. Forget about having to cook breakfast in the morning or having long emotional conversations, casual sex is all about the fucking.

Who are casual sex encounters for?

Everyone. If you don’t want a relationship for any reason, but don’t want to miss out on the fun of having regular sex, then casual sex is exactly what you want. People who are busy, travel a lot, or just don’t like being in relationships all use Bang Down Under because it’s simple to use and it can help you find a local hookup in minutes. It’s a great place to experiment with your sexual desires and it’s a safe environment to play around in.

Casual sex encounters through the ages

Casual sex used to be considered blasphemous. In fact, sex before marriage was still a huge taboo until the 1960s. The sexual revolution experienced during that decade changed society’s attitude to sex, and prescriptive religion started to be replaced with pleasure-seeking. Nowadays, casual sex is becoming the norm for many people, as nobody’s life can be too busy that they don’t want to ‘get busy’.

What to expect

After you sign up for Bang Down Under, you’ll typically meet with people in a few minutes. Here are a couple of do’s and don’ts to keep in mind to make your experience more enjoyable.


  • Take care with your profile. Set up your profile properly by choosing flattering pictures and writing a bio that’s memorable and leaves people wanting to know more. You’ll attract more attention.
  • Be adventurous! There are plenty of kinky partners on Bang Down Under, so try out something new.
  • Be open. Let your partner for the night know what you want, and be truthful. Everyone’s in it for sex, and if you’re open about what you like then you’ll both have a better time.


  • Get attached. Casual sex should remain casual with no romance involved.
  • Forget to use protection. Casual sex might be fun and exciting, but no one wants to catch something nasty or end up with an unwanted pregnancy.
  • Be annoying. Be respectful to other members and keep it down. Flirting and having fun is great and all, just don’t get on people’s nerves!

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