Acronym for Big Beautiful Woman. A subjective, visually determined concept without a prescribed lower or upper weight limitation.

BBW Dating

Do skinny girls just not cut it for you? Get into BBW dating right here.

Chubby, voluptuous, curvy, or whatever term you want to use, a bevy of BBW babes are looking for sex dating right now. We’re here to help you find a night of fun with a woman who has a little bit extra to offer.

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The best BBW dating in Australia

At Bang Down Under, you have your pick of larger ladies. Our platform makes it easier to find exactly what you’re after by filtering your searches, and our BBW dating section is guaranteed to be a hit for those who like a woman with a little (or a lot) more shape to her body. We have thousands of users all across Australia, and BBW dating is one of the most popular things that people are looking for, so get involved!

Who is it for?

BBW dating is for anyone who likes a woman who doesn’t want to eat celery for every meal and isn’t shy off showing off what she’s got. Any guys or girls that want a woman who truly looks and feels unique, with the boobs, belly, and butt to go with those delightful proportions, are going to find everything they could hope to play with by browsing the thousands of user profiles on offer at Bang Down Under.

Did you know?

  • BBW has a very broad definition. BBW is a very common tag in online adult dating and porn and one of the most trafficked. As a result, the difference between one’s interpretation of ‘BBW’ and another’s can be highly different! For that reason, make sure you get a good look at profile pictures to ensure you’re getting your specific needs catered to.
  • Things can get kinky. There’s a pretty deep range of kinks within the online BBW community! Some guys and girls simply love a larger woman who looks cute or sexy. Others are into ‘gut flopping,’ referring to the particular sound a larger belly makes during fucking. Others like ‘squashing,’ a kind of BDSM play involving a larger lady impressing her weight on a smaller partner. Ensure you know what you’re into and be open to new experiences.
  • BBW dating is a lot more popular than you think. The internet is making it easier for BBWs to recognize that they are desirable as-is, as well as offering men into bellies, butts, and boobs and outlet for their urges. There are over 504 sites on the Alexa web traffic measuring list dedicated to BBWs and only 182 exclusively for smaller bodied ones.

A quick history of BBW dating

If you really want to look at the earliest example of widespread BBW worship, then the ancient Venus of Willendorf, likely representing a goddess of fertility, is your best bet. However, men throughout the ages have expressed a desire for bigger gals that they didn’t feel a need to hide. Portrait collections like the ‘Windsor Beauties’ by Sir Peter Lely show that, as far back as the mid-1660s, it was in fashion to have generous proportions.

Modern beauty standards quashed BBW love, for a little while, but it came back with a vengeance during the period of porn turning mainstream and exploded thanks to the internet. Since the term was coined and popularised by outlets like BBW Magazine in 1979, it has constantly grown in popularity. Now, there are plenty of men with no qualms about loving larger ladies and certainly no shortage of larger ladies looking for fun.

BBW dating: do’s and don’ts

You don’t want to blow your chance to have fun with our gathering of big, beautiful women, so here are a few tips to keep in mind during your next hook-up.


  • Be complimentary. BBWs are in no way easier than other girls; in fact they’re generally much more self-assured. Like any other girl, they love to hear what about them, in particular, turns you on.
  • Be honest about your desires. If you’re into squashing or something a little more niche within the ‘BBW shared universe’ be open about it instead of bringing it up like a dirty little secret. Even if she’s not into it, if you don’t make a big deal, she likely won’t. And you won’t get what you want unless you talk about it.
  • Treat her like you would treat any other attractive woman. Most women love it when they’re found attractive by someone they’re dating. However, they don’t like being fetishized, as that connotation makes them ‘abnormal.’ You don’t have to treat her differently just because she appeals more to you than she might to some.


  • Use the term BBW. Unless she applies it to herself. You can appreciate her curves, and say you love the way she looks, but some women aren’t as comfortable with the term as others.
  • Talk about nothing but the chubbiness. It can come off as creepy. If fat-talking is a kink of yours, let her initiate.
  • Think they are ‘easier’ than other girls. This is just simply not true. They might be looking for some simply, sexy fun, but that doesn’t mean that BBWs are going to take anything you say or do and fuck you at the end of it. They’ll have plenty of other options.

How to make a Bang Down Under profile for BBW dating

Whether you’ve seen a larger lady you want to get to know more intimately or you simply want to start looking, making a profile is the best way to start. Here are a few things to remember as you do it.

  • Pay attention to all parts of your profile. There’s a disagreement between people about whether the pictures or the bio are the most important part of a sex dating profile, so don’t skimp on either.
  • Make your interests clear. This might mean being straight up in saying you prefer curvier women, but if you have any other kinks or desires you’re looking to fulfil, you will have a much better chance if you say as much.
  • Be fun! People are here to find casual fucks, often with no strings attached. Feel free to share your passions and hobbies, as people like personality to go with sex. But don’t bog your profile down in a personal history that contains all the bum notes of your life.

Get started right away

Those big, beautiful women and their bellies, butts, and boobs are waiting for someone to come and appreciate them! Make a profile, strike up a conversation, and let out your desires on Bang Down Under!