5 Great reasons to find Fuck buddy near you!

What is a fuck buddy?

Fuck buddy


a friend or acquaintance with whom a person regularly has sex without the expectation of a romantic relationship.

So you’re looking for a new local ‘friend or acquaintance’ - we call them a 'fuck buddy'.

We’re happy to help.

Nowadays, there are plenty of apps and online services that help you meet new people. However, only a small number of them focus on fuck buddies. As societal attitudes change, the idea of having some casual fun with people you meet online is becoming more and more interesting for the sexually adventurous. Hooking up with a fuck buddy isn’t new – there have alwa ys been people who love no - strings - attached sex – but it just got a whole lot easier with Bang Down Under.


The best way to find a local fuck buddy in Australia

Bang Down Under is the easiest way to find a local fuck buddy anywhere in Australia. We connect you to thousands of sex - charged men and w omen who are all looking for one thing: a partner for mind - blowing casual sex. If you’re looking for someone kinky, a special friend to enjoy in or out of the bedroom, or an experienced fuck buddy who can show you new things, we’ll help you find the right person.

How it works

It’s easy: simply sign up for free, upload some flattering photos, and write a bio to tell people who you are and wha t you’re looking for. After that you’ll be able to look through all the potential local fuck buddies and find some amazing casual sex wherever you are.

Finding a local fuck buddy obviously means that they need to be near you. This is why Bang Down U nder doesn’t cover only a single city or region, but the whole of Australia! Whether you’re in Perth, Sydney, or any town in between, we can hook you up with the fuck buddy of your dreams.

Did you know?

The idea of having a fuck buddy wasn’t such a big deal until it was popularised by the US sitcom Sex and the City.

For a long time, fuck buddies were referred to as ‘friends with benefits’. Nowadays, people just call them fuck buddies because of society’s growing acceptance of casual sex.

Finding a fuck buddy is the best way to get started with adult dating. Want to try bondage? Interes ted in older partners? Want to dominate a young stud? You can fulfil all your fantasies with a fuck buddy!

Why should I get a local fuck buddy?

Sustainable relationships and great sex – A fuck buddy is not someone you love or have romantic feelings for – all you do is fuck. This stops things from getting complicated and allows you purely to focus on pleasure.

You can explore loads of different kinks – Having a fuck buddy is the best way to explore new fantasies,fetishes and sex sites, and it’s easy to find new friends to play with.

Fuck and go, no strings attached – Don’t worry about staying over the night or having long discussions ab out each others’ feelings. All they want is a hot session in bed (or somewhere else) with you.

Save time and money when all you want is sex – You won’t need to buy your partner dinner or any other parts of the increasingly expensive dating process. When you meet a fuck buddy, both of you know what you want and you can get right down to it.

You don’t need to introduce your friends to them – A fuck buddy is like a personal booty call. You ring them up (or they ring you), you meet up, you fuck, a nd you’re done. You don’t need to invite them to your birthday party and you don’t need to go out on the town together.

Who is a local fuck buddy for?

Local fuck buddies are great for people that want no - strings - attached sex. Instead of hav ing your emotions played with and going through all the foreplay on other websites and services, we let you get right to the fun bit.

All you have to do is sign up for Bang Down Under, look for people who get you excited, then meet up and fuck like you mean it. It’s also a great opportunity to try out new positions or toys and boost your confidence in bed, as well as learn a few new tricks! Casual sex is for everyone and you can experiment to your heart’s content with Bang Down Under.

Fuck buddies throughout the ages

Having a fuck buddy used to be called being ‘friends with benefits’, but this now has a completely different meaning. Fuck b uddies are now people that you just plain have sex with, no relationship or friendships involved. It was popularised by the sitcom Sex and the City. In the past, people used to have little books called ‘fuck books’ that had names and numbers of people you’ d fuck on a regular basis. Nowadays, Bang Down Under is here to be your constantly - updating fuck book giving you a long list of hookup options anywhere in Australia .

What to expect

Bang Down Under is Australia’s best casual sex site. As a result, we have thousands of members from different backgrounds, of various ages, and with a wide array of sexual tastes. With Bang Down Under, everyone can find a perfect fuck buddy (or two, or three...). To help you out, here are a couple of do’s and don’ts.


Be respectful. It doesn’t matter if you’re not in it for a relationship, you still shouldn’t treat your partner like trash.

Be o pen to new things. Everyone has different tastes and kinks, so don’t be afraid to try something new.

Get creative. Don’t let your fuck buddy grow bored of you! Keep the excitement up and you’ll constantly be having the best sex of your life.


Get jealous. The last thing you want to do is catch feelings for your fuck buddy.

Forget their feelings. The point above runs both ways: if you find that your partner is growing attached to you, it might be time to make things clear.

Neglect protection. Casual sex puts you at risk of STIs and pregnancy, so always use protection to keep things both fun and safe.

Get started online today

What are you waiting for? Bang Down Under is the best way to find a local fuck buddy for the best sex of your life. It’s quick and free to sign up, and there are loads of horny people all over Australia using our service to find each other – you could be exploring your new fuck buddy as soon as this evening!

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