Married & affair dating

Affair dating
A sexual relationship between two adults, at least one of whom is married.

Considering some extra-marital fun? Read on.

If the taboo of having an affair turns you on, or you’re looking for some passion that has fallen out of your own marriage, the perfect fling could already be out there waiting for you. Now it’s time to look at how you find your ‘bit on the side.’

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The best married dating & affairs in Australia

Bang Down Under is one of the best sites for finding a little sex outside of the marital bed. Our members are upfront about their relationship status, so you’ll know what you’re getting into and be able to find exactly what you’re after. We cover every city in Australia, so you’ll be able to find yourself a paramour in Perth, a sexy Melbourne mistress, or a sinful Sydneysider to indulge all your fantasies.

Who is it for?

Married dating & affairs are those who are married but not being entirely fulfilled by their relationship, and those who find the idea of ‘forbidden fruit’ a huge turn-on. More and more people are feeling dissatisfied with the sexual placidity of married life and sites like Bang Down Under allow you to restore the balance a little. Just remember, not all affairs are ‘cheating’: there are many polyamorous married people, and open marriages are not as rare as they once were. Always be honest about what you’re looking for and if there’s the chance anyone could get hurt.

Should I have an affair?

Only you can really answer this question, but if you’re in a committed marriage that’s hit some rocky times then this is a question you need to consider before going any further. An affair is rarely a way to solve the problems in a marriage, and if you feel your relationship has run its course you may want to consider separation so you can be single and enjoy everything that Bang Down Under has to offer without any possible guilt. If you’re not ready to turn your back on your spouse then you can also consider seeing a marriage counsellor. Only have an affair if you’re sure it’s what you really want.

Did you know?

  • Infidelity increasingly begins online. Either one or both partners in ⅓ of marriages today admit to cheating on their spouse and 10% of affairs now begin online. No more eyes locking over the watercooler at work, an affair is now just a few swipes away.
  • Women are now just as likely to cheat as men. This means that you’re able to find that married partner you’ve been lusting for regardless of what direction you tend to swing in.
  • Affairs often cross the salary divide. One study has found that wealthier partners in a married couple are more likely to look for affairs than those in lower income brackets.

A quick history of affair dating

Has there ever been a time when all married people were able to resist the temptations of a passionate fling? There are truly famous cases of even most publicly moral figures dating outside their marriage. The Roman Emperor Augustus passed morality laws that made cheating a crime but was well known to have fucked not only women who were not only not his wife but were also someone else’s. Legend suggests that he met his third-wife at her husband’s dinner party and mounted her in their own bedroom!

In modern history, you have more than your fair share of unfaithful spouses to take inspiration from, from John. F. Kennedy and Tiger Woods, to Kristen Stewart and Elizabeth Taylor. There’s more than enough evidence to show that a marriage bed isn’t always the fulfilling the needs of the partners in it.

Married dating & affairs: do’s and don’ts

Whether it’s your dirty little secret or you’re just playing a part in contributing to an open marriage, there are a few steps you should take to ensure you get your fun out of it.


  • Be honest. It’s lies, whether emotional or relationship related, that can add all the messy complication to married dating.
  • Stay away from their business. The affair might be the main source of the thrill but asking questions about a spouse can dull those flames pretty quickly.
  • Be okay with what you get. Affairs are rarely just about sex, but don’t expect a relationship out of it. You might be fulfilling sexual, emotional, and self-esteem needs, but that doesn’t mean you’re ‘together.’ Have fun, keep it simple.


  • Start drama. Come into married dating with an open mind and no expectations.
  • Assume anything about your partner. They may be cheating on their spouse. They may be part of an open marriage. If you want to know, then ask them.
  • Create false expectations. Be clear what you’re after and don’t lead them on.

How to make a Bang Down Under profile for married dating and affairs

Like with all dating, you’re going to have better lucking finding that fun on the side by crafting a profile built specifically for it. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Don’t neglect the basics. About half of all our users find the bio portion to be the most important in finding a partner, and the other half focus primarily on the pictures.
  • Be clear about what you want. This means not just the taste for married dating, but any other kinks and fantasies you might be open to trying. You’re a lot more likely to find someone who shares your tastes that way.
  • Make it interesting. Even if you’re looking for casual sex and nothing like a relationship, having a little bit of your personality and passions on display will help. They provide the context that makes everything more fun and easy.

Get started right away

The taboo, the forbidden, and the dangerous all lay just around the corner. There are married partners and those looking to sate their needs all to be found on Bang Down Under. Get a profile started and ensure you don’t miss out on the fun.

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